Hello Brides!

So are you sick of the rain yet?  Everyone keeps saying that rain on your wedding day means a long marriage because have you ever tried untying a wet knot…you know tying the knot.  What are your thoughts…no rain please!

What should you do if it is raining on your wedding day?     keep calm and kiss

Remember the marriage not the event, this is your wedding day!


Embrace the Rain!

It is a good idea this time of year in Texas to have a back-up plan.

Outdoor ceremony to Indoor ceremony…You can create a garden feel with your floral but

this needs to be in the plan.  Your floral arch can be moved indoors, just bring the outside in.



Don’t you love the Wellie Centerpieces!

Cute wedding rain gear is a must.  Love the clear umbrellas for kissing pictures.  Splashing in the rain can be so romantic!  Be sure to check with your photographer to clarify what your options are for rainy day pictures.  Jenny Baugh with JW Baugh Photography recommends wearing your hair up to avoid Texas humidity issues.  Make-up should of course already be waterproof…tears of joy or rainproof!

 Dance in the rain

dance in the rain