It’s time to find your dream wedding dress, but the only problem is, you don’t want to wear white. You’re the type of gal that dares to be different. Maybe you want to make a statement…a bold statement. Perhaps you want to toss the white dress out, and wear your favorite color. Maybe white just doesn’t look good on your skin tone. Good news…color wedding dresses are in!

In the past, brides hardly ever wore white, mainly because of practicality. Blue, surprisingly, was representative of purity instead of white, as well as eternal love and fidelity. In fact, white was the color of mourning, so it was often the last choice for brides. It wasn’t until Queen Victoria debuted her white gown that white broke out into bridal fashion. However, when the Great Depression hit, most brides were unable to purchase a new dress so they often wore their
Sunday best. For instance, gray was a common wedding dress color, because that was a color often worn to church. Brides would be able to put their wedding dress to good use, by wearing it more than once. Red was also a common color during the Revolutionary War as a sign of support.

Although white is still the most popular color for wedding dresses today, color is becoming a popular trend, too. Colors like ice mint, red, light gold, and champagne are hot colors right now.

Jessica Biel wore a pink wedding dress when she married Justin Timberlake.JESSICA-BIEL-WEDDING-DRESS-570

Amber Tamblyn broke out of the norm and wore a yellow wedding dress on her wedding day.1349786283_amber-tamblyn-david-cross-article

It’s clear that color isn’t just for remarried brides, but it can be for any bride. If you want something more than just a white wedding dress, don’t be afraid to venture into the rainbow of wedding dresses. The Princess Bridal carries many designers that have a variety of colors to choose from, such as Kitty Chen, Mori Lee, and others.

If you would like an ice mint wedding dress, check out Kitty Chen’s “Angie”.h1205_angie_kitty_chen_couture_wedding_dress_primary

If you dream of a bold, red wedding dress, you may like Kitty Chen’s “Autumn 1232”.Red-Eedding-Dress-by-Kitty-Chen_large

If light gold is the color for you, check out Mori Lee 5104.mori lee 5104