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A woman is likely to wear a veil on her wedding day, especially if she follows the traditions of a white wedding. Brides used to wear their hair flowing down their back at their wedding to symbolize their virginity, now the white diaphanous veil is often said to represent this.
There are many stories of the origin of a bride’s veil. The definition of veil is to “obscure, shroud, mask or cover, so perhaps that is how the bridal “veil” got its name.

Back in medieval times, the veil was a symbol of purity, chastity, and modesty. Long ago, the Groom was making a promise to clothe and protect her, he recognizes that he was marrying the bride for her inner beauty; while looks will fade with time, his love will be everlasting. Some ultra-orthodox traditions have the bride wears an opaque veil as she is escorted down the aisle to meet her groom. This shows her complete willingness to enter into the marriage and her absolute trust that she is marrying the right man.
Some say the the origin of the bridal veil was due to the circumstances of an arranged marriage. In the past, men bargained with an eligible young girl’s father for her hand in marriage. After the ceremony, the veil was lifted to reveal the brides face. This was to keep a groom from backing out of the deal if he didn’t like what he saw.

Some say that the veil was used in days past as a symbol of a bride’s submission and willingness to obey her husband. The veil is also said to be symbolic of the passing from girl to married woman&the Father of the Bride lifting the veil and giving her to her Husband is the beginning of their new life together or unveiling.

Cathedral Veils were only worn in wedding that took place in cathedrals, thus the name.

Traditions change, now wearing a bridal veil:

  • signifies joy&the beginning of life together
  • highlights the bride’s appearance and features
  • is the ICING on the cake! Brides are transformed with the addition of a veil, yes even if you think you don’t want one try it….you never know it might make you FEEL like the Bride.

The history of wearing a bridal veil has given way to new traditions. Over the last 20 years, traditions surrounding the bridal veil have changed even more. Veils were worn more frequently over the face, a blusher; Brides today are forgoing the veiling of their face. Brides are also returning to the 1950 style French net or bird cage veil for that vintage look.

Brides of today are making their own wedding veil history! It used to be that Brides marrying for the second time traditionally were not supposed to wear a veil, especially a white veil. Is this your LAST marriage then wear the color&accessories you want to! Don’t let anyone try to tell you different. It’s YOUR day!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life, you want to FEEL like the Bride!
Happy Planning

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