When planning a wedding, finding the best deal is often on a bride’s priority list. Therefore, it can be tempting to buy your “dream dress” online for only a fraction of the original cost. However, if you go this route, your so called “dream dress” could turn into a disaster.

Many online websites advertise designer gowns at extremely cheap prices. The websites look legitimate. You see the exact same designer photos of the dress you desire. They sometimes “say” they offer refunds. They may even guarantee quick turn around. Sounds too good to be true, right? Maybe that’s because it is.


For the past few years, brides all over the country have been desperate to find their dream designer gown for only pennies, making them the bait of these fraudulent wedding dress designers. Too often, a bride will decide to buy online and when the dress arrives, she is left speechless. Not a good speechless, but a bad speechless, because the dress that showed up on her doorstep two weeks before her wedding was not the dress she ordered. This has become such a huge problem that major news stations have reported on this issue, including CBS and INSIDE EDITION.


These websites that offer designer gowns, often are designers of knockoff dresses that are made with cheap material and no resemblance of designer gowns. Legitimate wedding gown designers do not sell online, but only sale through retail. You are safer visiting bridal salons, instead of buying online. In fact, many designers include information on their websites about authenticity, as well as a list of retailers who sell their gowns.

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When you come to our store, not only do you get to see and feel the dresses right in front of you, but you are also being served. Buying online eliminates the special process of finding your dream gown. Don’t waste your time shopping online when we’re here to help. Not only do we offer gorgeous designer dresses, we also offer advice ranging from accessories to undergarments and correct measurements. Although buying online may seem easier and cheaper, you get a full and better experience when you shop through retail. Don’t become prey to these fraudulent designers! Rest assured that you will find a quality, designer wedding dress at The Princess Bridal.

We are a full service store. This means that we have an expert bridal consultant team to spend hours in finding your dress, offer hundreds of samples to try on, offer expert advice, and have customized fittings. First, we offer a one-stop-shop where you can also find headpieces, veils, jewelry, petticoats, shoes, bridesmaid, flowergirl dresses, invitations and accessories. Second, here you can find recommendations for local venues, restaurants, florists, limousines, wedding cakes and more. Third, the price you pay includes free shipping, all the time assisting try-on, all the different sample designs, all the newest samples from a wide range of manufactures, proper measuring, ordering, receiving, quality checking, making sure the dress received is made correctly, pre-fitting, post-fitting, steaming and more. Fourth, once we receive your dress, we can recommend further expert alteration, customizing, adding special details, bustling, temporary storage, and final fitting. Finally, after your wedding, we can assist in repairing a damaged gown, cleaning and gown preservation. Needless to say, the small saving in price does not add up to the true cost of being a full service store. This is why full service stores charge only slightly more than the internet stores. Today is the day you will make one of the most important decisions. Make sure it is done right. Don’t think you are saving some money now only to pay more later. A wedding can be stressful, what with organizing all the vendors; don’t add issues by dealing with a company who doesn’t care about you personally, whom you have never met and doesn’t have a concept of personal service.