Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for your wedding gown is a really important event – many of our brides have lots of questions about the wedding dress process. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a short list of Frequently Ask Questions that cover everything from scheduling an appointment to wedding gown heirlooming.
If your query isn’t answered here, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

We accept all forms of payment including cash, check, and all major credit cards. However, we do not accept checks for any final payment including samples.
Our appointments usually last 1.5 hours. We love spending more time with you, but we ask that you be courteous to other brides who have been scheduled after you. Please keep in mind, Saturdays are the busiest day. If you are late, unfortunately, most of the time we are forced to keep you within your original appointment ending time. If you have found the dress and your appointment time has run out, we will work with your group on timing. If you are still looking for your perfect gown with us but would like more time, we will schedule for you to come in for a second appointment which would allow another full appointment with us.
Once ordered, your wedding gown will arrive in 6 to 9 months. A wedding gown is not made until you place your order with your measurements. We suggest allowing at least one month for alterations. Since all wedding gowns are ordered specifically for you, we do not refund or exchange any order once a deposit has been placed for a gown. Wedding gown ship dates are only an estimate and can change at any time for any reason.
After being measured, a deposit of 60 percent is required to order any wedding gown.
We currently do not offer in-house alterations. We do have several great resources to send to you to ensure each bride has the perfect fit and a beautiful bustle. Our recommended seamstresses have over 10 years in alterations and they do beautiful work.
We have a nice selection of sample dresses (off-the-rack) that can be purchased at a discount. Rush orders are available for an additional charge, or a dress can be purchased from our inventory.
The Princess Bridal will professionally steam your dress once it arrives from the designer before you try on at pickup. We offer a steaming service for $85 if you would like it steamed again after pickup and alterations. Cleaning and heirlooming are available after your wedding and is provided by the Wedding Gown Preservation Company.
It is our pleasure to work with you to pick out your perfect gown. This is one of the most important decisions that you will make throughout your life, and we want to make sure it is perfect. You have already spent many months of researching the internet and magazines, visited countless stores, and tried on tons of dresses. Before you make your purchase, we realize you have one more question. Why are Internet stores cheaper? Internet stores are cheaper because they do not offer you full service. Since you and the stores have already spent countless hours doing all the research, the internet store will only ask what style and what size you want. They will not advise you as to how the sizing of wedding dresses run or if a specific designer has issues with sizing. You then pay them. In a few months, you will receive your dress in a little box. The dress will not be pressed nor steamed. (Steaming cost $60 to 95) Often, internet stores never open the manufacture box they get to check if it is perfect before reshipping to you. They just stick another label and forward the same box to you. This dress is now yours without much recourse. Since all the dresses are hand made, each dress is made a little different. If the size or fitting is not right, you are stuck with it. Internet stores never see you, tell you how you look, offer samples to try on, give fitting, nor offer full service. In conclusion, Internet stores must be cheaper because they don’t offer full service and they will take all of your money without ever investing their own money or time. We, on the other hand, are a full service store. This means that we have an expert bridal consultant team to spend hours in finding your dress, offer hundreds of samples to try on, offer expert advice, and have customized fittings. First, we offer a one-stop-shop where you can also find headpieces, veils, jewelry, and flower girl dresses. Second, here you can find recommendations for local venues, restaurants, florists, limousines, wedding cakes and more. Third, the price you pay includes free shipping, all the time assisting try-on, all the different sample designs, all the newest samples from a wide range of manufactures, proper measuring, ordering, receiving, quality checking, making sure the dress received is made correctly, pre-fitting, post-fitting, steaming and more. Fourth, once we receive your dress, we can recommend further expert alteration, customizing, adding special details, bustling, temporary storage, and final fitting. Finally, after your wedding, we can assist in repairing a damaged gown, cleaning and gown preservation. Needless to say, the small saving in price does not add up to the true cost of being a full service store. This is why full service stores charge only slightly more than the internet stores. Today is the day you will make one of the most important decisions. Make sure it is done right. Don’t think you are saving some money now only to pay more later. A wedding can be stressful, what with organizing all the vendors; don’t add issues by dealing with a company who doesn’t care about you personally, whom you have never met and doesn’t have a concept of personal service.